Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nokia phone and Apple Leopard

Some time ago my wife bought a MacBook (very nice device indeed!) and this weekend I tried to enable bluetooth modem connection between that and her Nokia E90 phone. I found that Nokia has a dedicated page for Apple support and even better, a tutorial how to use mobile phone as a modem. I have no idea what is wrong (maybe tutorial was for older MacOS version?), but I wasn't able to create modem connection with the steps described in the tutorial. The best I could do is to see bluetooth connection opening, but network was not brought up. So I just started to browse through the different settings screens and finally the connection opened.

Here is what I did: 
  1. I downloaded iSync plugin, installed it and paired E90 and MacBook together (btw: iSync was easy to get running).
  2. I opened system preferences from Finder and then Network settings.
  3. Click the small "+" at the lower left corner of the network settings screen to add a new device
  4. Small dialog opens, select your bluetooth device from the drop-down menu and give it a descriptive name
  5. Set telephone number to *99#
  6. Open the extended settings for the new network interface
  7. Switch manufacturer to Nokia and type in the correct APN value (this depends on your operator) and save the settings.
  8. This is it, now I was able to create a new bluetooth modem connection

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