Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kick start to mobile development

I've got some happy news for all the companies with cool solutions wanting to target Nokia's devices. Nokia has a nice developer program called "Launchpad" with great membership benefits, including free copy of a developer tool, 50% discount for additional developer tool licenses and access to the Nokia's famous "Discounted Devices Program" to buy discounted devices for development and testing purposes. Full listing of membership benefits is available from Launchpad website. All this is available for your company with annual fee of 800 euros; this is a good deal, you can easily cover the membership fee with the membership benefits.

One more thing

Launchpad offers benefits to its members, I offer benefits to my readers.
When you register your company to launchpad and use 
discount code "mobilitics" 
you will get a nice 25% discount and the membership is yours with 600 euros. Here is the membership application form, just remember to enter the right discount code when prompted to do so.


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