Sunday, January 6, 2008

Keep on movin'

I prefer solutions to applications. I enjoy using easy solutions. I enjoy Nokia Sports Tracker.

Sports Tracker is nothing new, it has been around like a year or so. It started as "an application" which in my vocabulary means something that is "nice to demo but not used after two weeks". Some time ago application was upgraded to a solution, meaning that Nokia added a nice website and integrated that to the smartphone application. Now uploading exercise data from terminal is easy, you can see your routes plotted to a map and - one more thing - smartphone application automatically geotags, finds and uploads also photos taken during the exercise.

Maybe next version could have an option to remind user every now and then that a little more exercise would be a good idea. After all, when people are reminded of the benefits of being active, they become active. Also remember that virtual world is not a replacement for real activities.


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