Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finland, strange(?) market for mobile solutions

There is a nice study available that draws an interesting picture about Finland's mobile environment. Study is highly interesting because of the quantity of data and the method used: data has been gathered directly from operator's systems for over 4.000.000 subscribers.

Here are some highlights from data:
  • Nokia's market share is >86%, first non-Nokia terminal ranked 57th
  • Nokia's market share in smartphones is >99%
  • Symbian penetration is 18%
  • Most popular terminal is Nokia 3310, N70 most popular smartphone
  • 1000 different terminal models used in mobile networks
  • 54% of S60 terminals are 3rd edition
  • 70% of terminals support Java
  • 17-19% terminals generate data traffic weekly
  • 92% of mobile data traffic comes from computers that use mobile phones as modems
  • When browsing with mobile terminal, content is mostly local
Is you are planning to do mobile business in Finland, this report might give you something to think about.


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