Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Compiled iPhonesque packages

Quick update: after several requests from readers I have compiled some versions of iPhonesque application and uploaded those to my website

The most important use case for this application seems to be avoiding operators' terminal type checks.



Guillaumeux said...


I just want to thank you about your work.

Last time I wasn't a developper so I couldn't use your program (I can't sign it...).

One month later, I finally was recognised on the Orange World portail with my E90 and I could watch TV, for exemple (but it wasn't a direct Orange action, I let a message on a special forum, and few days after I was recognised).

Yet with the evolution of the "developpement", signing applications is no more usefull.

So with your program people whith some exotic Symbian V3 fp1 devices can have all the options they have buy !

Thank you very much again.

Best regards,


Harri Salminen said...


It's nice to hear that my small application has helped you and others. I hope more users could find this solution and understand that the services they pay for are available also for devices they have not bought directly from the operators.