Tuesday, March 4, 2008

RSS2SMS, how and where

Being an RSS addict I began to search for a solution that would allow me to subscribe the most important RSS-feeds directly to my phone, over SMS. To my surprise this wasn't an easy task, Yahoo! seems to have such a service but that is only available to US subscribers. I also found a new site - Pingie - that offers similar service, but that is also available only in US. 

As a frustrated EU citizen I checked latest mobile statistics from the Netsize guide and noticed that
  • there are 261M mobile subscribers in US but 525M in EU
  • there are 41M 3G subscribers in US but 80M in EU
I want new services, too!

Action Points
  • Viviane Reding, please continue your work to create EU a single marketplace for telecom industry so that new services are not only available for US consumers.
  • Mobile Developers, please consider a new solution that would allow people to subscribe RSS feeds to their SMS inbox. Think about mobilizing the news items with Mowser (or something similar). Think about sending targeted SMS advertisements to your subscribers, for example at most one ad per day per subscribed RSS stream.

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