Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feature missing from S60 contacts application

I was visiting an event this week and because of my mobile addiction many E90 users started to complain to me about an missing feature. The story goes like this: in older Communicators (9300/9500) contacts application had a feature that allowed users to search contacts by matching the search criteria to selected fields. Those fields were last name, first name, company and email address. The new E90 communicator has standard S60 contacts application that allows user to search contact items only by name. These die-hard communicator users were really missing this feature that allowed them to search people by company name, for example. Nokia's embedded Search application is not enough.

Luckily this feature is not that difficult to implement, what needs to be done is to  
If anyone is interested to implement an application like this, go ahead.



Anonymous said...

I have just bought Nokia 5700 (using S60)... and same disappointment. This basic feature is missing. I was former Siemens user which ... my 4 years old ancient S65 has options to choose to sort/search by first/last/company ...
Additional remarks:
-when viewing Groups list in Contacts ... I miss (old Siemens had it) number of entries in brackets of certain Group.
-conceptually groups should be handled in some other manner (again my old Siemens is a good example)->when adding new contact to a group ... why showing all entries ... I would like to see only those which have no Group assigned yet -> if I want to change group of already assigned Group<>Entry contact ... I would do it by editing entry and changing the group ...

Does anyone can recommend some freeware Contacts application that can call it self Contacts application because this default S60 is BAD!!!
With the rest of the phones applications SW I am satisfied... No complains!!!

Harri Salminen said...

Good list of improvement ideas for S60 contact application. May I add one more: improved performance. With N78 having approx. 300 contacts the application can suddenly stop - as if it is thinking hard what to do next - and then continue again.

I'm not aware of any (good) freeware contact managers for S60. From Handango you can find some commercial applications, but I have no idea how those perform.