Friday, February 1, 2008

Operators and rising use of mobile email

Companies are getting ready for this years Mobile World Congress (3GSM) and I seem to be on quite a many mailing list. Today I received a good newsletter from Synchronica that has some interesting topics / predictions for year 2008:
  • people are demanding more backup and restore solutions for mobile terminals to protect their personal data
  • mobile email is going to masses
In the newsletter Synchronica quotes figures from Visiongain Mobile Email Market Report that predicts that number of people using mobile email will rise from 8 million users (2007) to 184 million users (2011). Visiongain writes how operators are struggling to offer mobile users email services and how mobile email holds a huge potential for them. This Visiongain report (go Google for parts of it) and Synchronica's newsletter make me ask a stupid question:

Why different stakeholders are overcomplicating consumer mobile email issue? 

Currently all but the entry level terminals have email clients with IMAP/SMTP support - what there is for operators to do? I guess biggest problem is that people don't know about possibility to read email with their mobile terminals - problem is not technical at all. So dear operators: just tell people that they can access their email accounts today with their mobile devices, sell reasonably priced data plans to consumers and  -- watch this -- those 176 million people don't have to wait until 2011 for their mobile email!


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