Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cost of mobility

Today I joined an interesting webinar about enterprise mobility and device management. There were some topics that all mobility forerunners should be aware and think for a second:

When CIO's were asked 
  • the most important issue for them was how to improve the business benefits gained from IT (right answer!)
  • Number 20 in their list was how to better utilize mobile solutions
  • Number 23 was to improve wireless infrastructure for their company
  • There were just 24 items in the list 
I read this so that (surprise, surprise!) mobility is not important an sich, but it must benefit the business. Maybe mobile solutions don't boost company performance as much as they should?

But what's the price of mobility? Another session handled this and case study was about Finnish Government deal for approx. 400 users covering email and calendar (Intellisync Mobility Suite), device management (Fromdistance MDM) and anti-virus system (F-Secure). Cost structure per annum is:
  • services and 24/7 support 450€ 
  • terminal costs 250€
  • data costs 240€ 
In total this is 940€ / user and this was just "platform cost" from a developer's point of view. No custom applications or dedicated solutions. If somebody were to deploy a custom solution for them, that cost will be added to platform cost. Knowing how difficult it is to create an enterprise mobile application, the additional cost would be significant. Is that cost justified? Have you an idea how much your application really will cost to user, including support? 


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