Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ovi Store disappointment

Earlier Nokia's Ovi Store has had some usability challenges, to put it politely. Having used new Ovi Store for some time with N8 I've been quite happy with it as there has been a major improvement to user experience. Application discovery and installation work acceptably and sometimes I've even found myself browsing the store just to see what's available.

After many installed applications I started to wonder that I never received any notifications about application updates. You know, sometimes developers do make mistakes and release fixes for those or even add new features to applications. Must say I was shocked when I was told that missing update notifications was not because Nokia developer ecosystem has reached the ultimate quality level but because Ovi Store doesn't support update notifications!

Ok, no update notifications then. Before application is installed from Ovi Store, there is a button to download the application and after installation is finished, the same button allows me to launch the application. I can't download the same application again - is the purpose that I must uninstall the application before update?

How am I supposed to update an application I've installed from Ovi Store if I know an update exists?

How would I know there is an update available because Ovi Store doesn't show version numbers?

Why does Ovi Store offer me the same application again and again for download even if I have it already installed?

Has somebody really wrote specification that states this is the way an application store should work?

Below are some screenshots if Ovi Store is not familiar to you.