Friday, April 3, 2009

Instant mobilizer

I remember having read an announcement about a new instant mobilizer last autumn and forgetting that because there was nothing else available than a press release. Today I was renewing one .mobi domain and at the registrar's site I saw a small question "Mobilize it?" What is this?

It is instant mobilizer. dotMobi has partnered with domain name registrars and whenever somebody is buying or renewing a .mobi domain name, he will be offered an option to automatically mobilize an old website. Solution is productized so well that it is diffucult to see how the trick is done, but I guess that all traffic to new .mobi site is redirected to a server that runs Mowser and new mobile site is created on the fly.

Instant mobilizer is a great solution for companies that want mobile presence but don't want to invest on creating a new site for that purpose. This is again one step to the right direction, showing that mobility is not speciality.


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