Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday is a Mobile Dev Camp day

Today I joined Mobile Dev Camp event at Helsinki. On the agenda there were presentations about current mobile hot topics, greetings from Mobile World Congress and networking with the peers. Some notes from the event:

Based on a question made by one of the speakers I got a feeling that many listeners are taking their first steps in mobile development field. Think about the new runtime options that have emerged during the last years; Flash, Python and especially web technologies. All these broaden the mobile world to the fields of the traditional development world; such thing as "mobile development" is soon to extinct and it will become development as usual. Totally another thing is if you can understand the needs and desires of mobile users - that's what will separate failure from success. 

Many presetations handled about Android and tried even reach to Palm Pre. Should I develop to these platforms? Let me present "Harri's mobile platform feasibility test":
  1. Buy a 24h ticket to your local public transport system. Spend one day in busses, trams, subway, ferries, whatever. Count how many people you see using the devices powered by the platform prospect. If count is > 1, proceed to step 2, otherwise jump to step 4.
  2. Visit some of the major mobile phone reseller's store and wait for your turn. When you have drawn staffs' attention to you, try to buy a device that runs your platform of choice. If you leave the store with a brand new device, proceed to step 3, otherwise jump to step 4.
  3. Your platform selection has potential, good luck. 
  4. Are you really sure with your platform selection? 
Finally a small reminder: some time ago I wrote a paper about topics that new mobile developers should keep in mind. If you are just about to develop your first mobile solution, there can be something for you.


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